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  • 16th
  • September
  • 2012

Some words.

Oh look, a text post, these are a rare occurrence on my Tumblr, I used to write a lot more back in 2011, the good old days before pretty pictures took over with their colours, and their shapes.

This year I started releasing customs as fragments of ‘series’ with black, gold, and red being the main set. I use this method to separate varying styles of artwork, Black being a label attached the the more lugubrious of customs, Red to the cleaner, more colourful production style ones, and Gold the more experimental pieces with more prominent character sculpting, and often more use of metallics.

I also began numbering each custom as a way of tracking how many I was producing in total in 2012, I won’t lie, I lost count as I forgot to number a few so the numbering has stopped and they’ll just be signed and dated from now on. All are of course unique (1/1)

The reason i’m telling you this, well.. I just wanted to make clear the reason for the different coloured ‘ribbons’ and also, because I’ve been stuck in the studio all day with a break only when the coffee pot ran dry. Typing is a welcome break.

I was recently approached by a couple of companies about submitting some designs for production pieces, the first of which being Tosco. This has been blogged around a few websites and been up on the Kickstarter site for a couple of weeks now. Unfortunately the amount of cash needed to push the project forwards was very high due to the number of designs being produced by multiple artists and I suppose people just like to spend money on toys that are already out there as physical objects rather than committing to a preorder for a product which may, or may not see a release one day.

Regardless, I do believe SOMETHING will be done with the designs rather than them going to waste, I’ll keep you all updated as I know more.

The second figure, which is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2013 is what I’ve spent today working on, a vector template for the factory, and a painted up production sample which I believe will be on display at Designercon. I can’t leak too much info just yet, but I think the design will be shown around the web pretty much as soon as it’s finished and the pictures are sent over, you can expect a blog post here as soon as it goes public.

Hopefully I’ll have my artists proofs of these in time for Toycon UK which is happening next April in London, something that’s a first for the UK and looks to be a great boost to the United Kingdoms ‘toy scene’ I would be nice to have a few production pieces available alongside a run of original resin pieces, with a few Toycon exclusive colourways too.

I promise to include a picture next time (closing line in bold italics, eye candy)

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